ROCC Scientific

Established in 1991, ROCC S.A is a family owned and operated Belgian company that have the passion to serve the scientific community with a wide range of high quality supplies, mainly in relation to the following topics:   


            - Chromatography,

            - Microfiltration,

            - Microbiology,

            - Purification.


Our sales program takes advantage of our long-term close partnerships with several world’s leading manufacturers and includes, among others:


            - Chromatography products,

            - Silica gels,

            - Syringe filters,

            - Membranes filters,

            - Microbiological culture media,

            - Agars & agaroses,



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further information on our product range will be added on a regular basis.


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B-5070 Sart-Eustache





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